Apple and IBM are allies in conquering the corporate market

    Actually, the main news is that: "Apple and IBM have agreed on a mobile partnership ! "

    It's no secret that in recent years, IBM has been actively preparing for the widespread introduction of tablets and smartphones in the corporate market - see: "IBM enters the market of mobile enterprise solutions . "
    Where tablets and smartphones on many client workstations can replace desktop PCs and laptops .
    And now, after the announcement of the mobile partnership between Apple and IBM, tablets and smartphones under the Apple brand and with IBM software will actively advance into the corporate market with the help of distributors from both IBM and Apple, where they can significantly squeeze Microsoft’s position and even finally oust BlackBerry from this business (which is why the shares of BlackBerry, an adherent of corporate mobility, have declined by 3.4% since the announcement of this news)!

    I think it’s very important to understand here that such a large player in the IT market as IBM essentially became an ally of Apple in the struggle for the corporate market, and chose to support smartphones and tablets based on the Apple iOS platform !
    - And this means that billions of corporate money will be invested precisely in this platform in the coming years. And it is precisely on Apple tablets with the Apple iOS platform that the majority of corporate client software will be transferred during the transition from a Windows PC to tablets.

    The trend of transition from Windows-PC to Tablets in the corporate market segment is obviously increasing. Some corporations have already begun this process, and many have begun to plan the transition of their employees to tablets and smartphones instead of a PC, or sometimes in addition to a PC (for example: only in the last quarter Deutsche Bank purchased 20,000 iPhones for employees, and Siemens - 30,000).
    Of course, there are jobs in corporations that cannot be transferred to tablets. And even more so server software - the most expensive software, will continue to spin on servers. At the same time, IBM will try to do everything possible to ensure that it comes with IBM tablets and smartphones with IBM’s POWER servers with expensive IBM server software for them (an obvious benefit for IBM from a partnership with Apple).

    But the most important thing is that now Apple iOS may get a chance to gradually become the new de facto standard in the client workplace for corporate business instead of Microsoft Windows.
    Today there are three main tablet platforms:
    1. Apple iOS ;
    2. Google Android ;
    3.Microsoft Windows RT .
    And the latter obviously lags behind the tablet progress, and now it may lose all chances to conquer the corporate market :(

    PS: What do you think about this?

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