Update for SailfishOS Released

    July 14th update for SailfishOS. The most noticeable innovation for the user, in my opinion, is the display of android applications on the home screen in the form of separate "covers". Previously, for all such applications, one cover was created and it was possible to switch between android applications only from another application.

    Important changes

    • Display your cover for each android application
    • Own synchronization frequency, signature and sender name for each email account
    • Unfinished email messages are saved in draft form when minimizing the application
    • Simultaneous browser sending multiple files, the ability to filter files by type when selected
    • Jolla store word completion
    • Set end date for recurring events
    • Search by artist in the media player
    • Adding web applications to the launcher
    • Improved application with instructions for use

    Some known issues

    • The on-screen keyboard appears even when the hardware is connected
    • You cannot change the layout of the keyboard connected via bluetooth
    • Positioning via wlan does not work when Internet sharing is enabled
    • It is not always possible to recover from a backup the first time

    Details and discussion
    As the owner of this phone, I am ready to answer questions about use.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    How do you feel about Jolla and SailfishOS

    • 8.7% Horrible stillborn “not necessary” 77
    • 25% Project for enthusiasts only 221
    • 24.9% A good project, an ordinary user might like it 220
    • 18.5% Promising project with a good future 163
    • 22.7% What is this? 200

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