Our range of cloud services has been supplemented by a virtual desktop rental service or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).
    When purchasing a service, a certain number of virtual workstations are leased to a customer from an installed Microsoft Windows family of operating systems with the specified parameters, depending on the selected tariff. Virtual workstations are hosted on the SAFEDATA server platform in their own data center and are virtual machines running on the VMware Horizon View desktop virtualization platform.

    When using the VDI service from SAFEDATA, the resources of the workstation and the resources of the OS belong to only one user, in contrast to the competing solutions for providing a remote desktop on the market using traditional terminal servers.

    Advantages of VDI technology (as an alternative to traditional PCs):

    • Access to the workplace from any device connected to the Internet
    (and having an Internet browser)
    • High level of information security (all virtual workstations are located on the server in the data center, and not on physical equipment users)
    • The ability to quickly create new and increase productivity of current jobs without capital expenditures
    • No need to upgrade client equipment

    Recall that SAFEDATA ( , Data Storage Center) owns its own network of data centers in Moscow, with a total area of ​​machine rooms of more than 3000 square meters. m., with the ability to install up to 1550 server cabinets. SAFEDATA data centers strictly comply with the requirements of the international standard TIA-942 (TIER-3 reliability level).

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