Raspberry developers released Raspberry Pi Model B +

    More than two years have passed since the first Raspberry Pi mini PC was shipped. Despite the fact that developers are creating new additions to this device and writing new software, the model does not change, everything remains the same as two years ago.

    But now everything has changed. The developers of Raspberry Pi created a new device, called the Raspberry Pi Model B +. The official announcement has already been posted on the company’s blog, and on some sites the device can be ordered. Under the cut - more about updates.

    Here's a diagram of the new device:

    New features (40 pins instead of 26, like the previous model): The

    characteristics of the new device include the following:

    • GPIO As mentioned above, now there are 40 pins instead of 26, as in the previous model;
    • USB ports Now 4 USB 2.0 ports, instead of 2 ports for Model B;
    • MicroSD. There used to be an SD card slot, now this slot is replaced by a microSD version.
    • Reduced power consumption. The developers managed to reduce power consumption to 0.5-1W.
    • Sound. Noise reduction, sound quality improvement.
    • Improved form factor. The developers have made the board more rational and convenient for work.

    The processor (BCM2835), the amount of RAM (512 MB) and software remained the same.

    In Russia, the Raspberry Pi Model B + is also available for order.

    Via raspberrypi

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