Private space truck Cygnus successfully launched to the ISS

    As planned, on July 13, Sunday, the private spacecraft Cygnus set off to the ISS. This is the third flight of the spacecraft, but only this time the truck went fully loaded. The mass of the payload was 1.5 tons, while the two previous launches were carried out with incomplete loading, the mass of the payload was then 700 kg.

    The launch was carried out at 21:52 Moscow time, from the Wallops Cosmodrome, Virginia, USA (if local time, the launch was carried out at 12:52). The ship was launched into space using the Antares launch vehicle.

    Well, and the docking with the ISS is scheduled for July 16, Wednesday. Among the payloads sent to the ISS are clothing, household and scientific equipment with materials for various kinds of experiments. This time, astronauts operating in the orbit of the ISS will receive a radioactive radiation detector, as well as an air quality detector.

    By the way, in August, astronauts will also receive a 3D printer, as well as a coffee machine. Both devices are designed specifically for use in space conditions. Sending cargo in August will be carried out by the Falcon 9 rocket, the Space X company.

    Here is the video of the launch of Cygnus:

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