[poll] What negotiation situations should be sorted out in the “Negotiator's Handbook”

    In April 2014, we published several video materials on the negotiations to check how much this topic will be of interest to the community. The results, frankly, surprised:

    There is probably nothing surprising in this - project management is a lot of negotiations ... Is it time to offer Habr to create a separate hub, we thought, but so far we have postponed this idea, deciding to make a new product, “Negotiator's Handbook”. The product is almost ready for release, but we decided to bring it to a brilliance, and here we need the help of the community:

    Poll: What negotiation situations should be discussed in the “Negotiator's Handbook” >>

    The survey consists of 2 short questions. Thank you very much in advance, if you find time to help us. To everything else, at the same time, we will understand what negotiation topics are still worth disclosing on Habré.

    We will be grateful for the answers via the link - there all the answers fall in one place (in a good sense), it is very convenient to analyze.

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