Useful materials for the mobile developer # 61 (July 7-13)

    Last week, Samsung once again delayed the launch of its smartphone on Tizen, Satya Nadella released a program letter explaining the future of Microsoft, the mobile King came out from Papa Buba Diop, and of course, the App Store, the store that revolutionized the mobile ecosystem, turned 6 years old .

    How to make money on Android games

    I do not like to talk about the financial side, but I understand that the topic of money, without this in any way. On KDPV you can see my statistics for the last few days (at the time of writing). In general, it happened worse, but it happened better! The figures are not one of those that amaze the imagination, but, you see, pretty good. Especially considering that I'm just an amateur riveting games in the evenings. In this topic, I will try to share the conclusions and developments that have been made during this time.

    King - long live the king!

    As soon as I got a desktop PC and a Turbo Pascal compiler, I first wrote a computer version of this game. It was 1991, maple leaves were falling. For rivals played the i286, the classic minimax could not be implemented.

    About screen, pixel and element size

    In the light of the emergence of devices such as augmented reality glasses, smart watches, 4K monitors and an even wider range of tablets and laptops, the question arises: what size of the graphic element / text should be considered optimal and how to measure it. Android developers will undoubtedly exclaim immediately: “Yes, of course, in dp!”. But practice shows that things are a little more complicated.

    Overview of the 7 most popular cross-platform mobile frameworks

    At work, I was asked to make a comparative description of several products for creating cross-platform mobile applications: Appcelerator Titanium, Kony Platform, Adobe PhoneGap, IBM Worklight, Telerik Platform, Verivo Akula, Xamarin. Spent a lot of time, so I decided that it is better to share the data with the habrasociety, suddenly it seems useful to someone.



    Windows phone



    Marketing and monetization



    Last week’s digest . If I missed something in the search for updates - send it to the mail, I will quickly add it.

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