One day * Two Demopati

    It so happened historically that two interesting events are taking place right now for fans of the demoscene.

    So what is happening right now? DemoParty: DiHalt and 3VM OpenAir.

    3BM OpenAir
    A fairly young contest held by zx – spectrum scene enthusiasts. Organized by renowned artists on the zx scene and coders. It is held as a small party for its people in Perm, but at the same time it has a vote online with an exhibition of works .

    Work - only for zx spectrum.

    At the moment, it is known that many graphic and musical works will participate in the competition, as well as demos.
    It is noteworthy that at this competition demos for modern Spectrum extensions are already presented. Mine is Rubicon.
    It is possible to watch and chat in the IRC .

    A popular contest gathering a large mass of people from all over Russia. It is held in Nizhny Novgorod as an all-Russian competition of computer creativity for many popular platforms - PC, Amiga / Pegasos, 8-bit platforms created before 1993. inclusive.
    Many musicians, artists and coders for the zx spectrum are usually exhibited at DiHalt.
    A pretty decent set of graphics, music and a demo for spec is expected, well, a little for PC, etc.
    It will be interesting to watch the broadcast , you can view the work and vote online, as well as chat with modern Spectrum fans in the IRC.

    I invite you!

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