STmicroelectronics strange behavior

    Our company has successfully used for some time the STmicroelectronics DSM series chips - DSM2150F5V. This is a chip in the TQFP80 package, which is designed to work together with Analog Devices Blackfin DSP signal processors. This is exactly the chip we used. The DSM2150F5V immediately contains both FLASH memory for the program from where the DSP can be loaded, and programmable logic that can be used for some additional functions. As it is written in the datasheet (which is becoming more and more difficult to find on the Internet, more on that later), the DSM2150F5V is specifically designed to simplify the connection of memory, external logic, input / output ports to DSP processors Analog Devices of the ADSP-218x, 219x, 2106x families, 2116x, 2153x and TS101. All in one, convenient chip.


    Everything was great and good, we made our instruments on the DSM2150F5V microchip and rejoiced. But one day, a supplier came to us and said that it was impossible to buy a DSM2150F5V chip, no one was selling it anymore. They began to sort it out, search on different sites such as Efind and DigiKey, but everywhere the answer is the same - no, no supplies are expected, no reason. We tried to contact the source - the website of the microchip manufacturer STmicroelectronics [1]. And to their surprise, they found absolutely nothing. The entire DSM series seemed to evaporate - and there was not one DSM2150F5V chip, there were several different ones, DSM2180, DSM2190 and others - not a single mention on the STmicroelectronics website. No replacement for these chips is also offered. Link to in the datasheet is carefully drunk. There is no DSM2150F5V chip in the site search either, the entire DSM series has disappeared without a trace. Google, in response to search queries DSM2150F5V (query DSM series Analog Devices) provides links to the DSM2150F5V datasheet, to various reviews that are located anywhere, but not on We tried to get a ticket in the technical support service. A deathly silence, the answer never came.



    Summary: Published this post not only from despair. I want to warn developers who use STmicroelectronics chips (in particular, ARM microcontrollers of the STM32 series, which are gaining popularity), because there is reason to think. The first time I come across this attitude towards product users among manufacturers of electronic components. Usually, all companies write in datasheets - "obsolete", "not recommended for new design", there are recommendations for replacing with a new microcircuit, the technical support service works normally - they respond, they advise something, at least they apologize. And here is complete silence. Where is the guarantee that STmicroelectronics will not again turn its back on supporting its products when it switches to new products?

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