A detailed photograph of the NSA data center has been transferred to the public domain

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation continues to fight the NSA. Although this is unarmed resistance, but large aircraft were used. Specifically, an airship.

    Activists from EFF and partner organizations launched a bright airship over the largest NSA data center in Utah with the words "Illegal Espionage Below." The balloon flew for a reason, and took a photo of the area.

    Yesterday, EFF published the result: a high-resolution photo, it captures the entire territory of the NSA's large data center, the construction of which began in 2012 and was supposed to be completed in September 2013. After commissioning, this complex will become the largest hub in the NSA information network.

    Full version of the photo5184 x 3456 pixels in size is laid out under the most free version of Creative Commons ( CC0 ), with a complete revocation of rights. Any use of the photograph for any purpose is allowed, including for sale, without attribution, etc.

    EFF hopes that this action will help emphasize the need for an open discussion of NSA espionage and will serve as an illustration of the NSA’s intent on intercepting not all, but all electronic communications.

    The estimated cost of building a data center in Utah is $ 2 billion. The diagram shows four rooms for servers with a total area of ​​9290 m 2, office for technical and administrative staff; backup power generators and fuel tanks, which lasts for three days of data center operation; water tanks and pumps, throughput of 6.4 million liters of water per day; refrigerators and heat exchangers through which water passes, about 60 thousand tons of cooling equipment; electrical substation; security department, where a video surveillance system center, an intrusion detection system, and other subsystems with a total value of $ 10 million are installed. The area of ​​all administrative and technical buildings is 83,613 m 2 . [ source of information ]

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