Review of the new educational set in electronics from Amperka (Matryoshka Z)

    I think many have heard about the Amperka company , this is probably the only Russian company who sells sets based on Arduino.

    I knew about them for a long time, but I was somehow skeptical of the business at the Arduino base, when China, e-bay, and taobao are nearby - where you can order Arduino and other components directly and fairly inexpensively.

    But now a new set of “Matryoshka Z” got into our hackspace, and I realized that Amperka is not just selling Arduino - they are making high-quality educational sets in electronics for beginners.

    What is inside?


    We see the stickers, and the book "Abstract of the hacker":

    Lay out:

    we find a transparent acrylic stand (it will serve as the basis for mounting Arduino and breadboard).

    A small instruction:

    We lift the lid, and we see: of

    course, for what it's all done - the brain .

    We expand further:

    we see: an LCD screen, a set of wires for connecting Arduino to a breadboard and a USB cable for connecting to a computer.

    Let's see separately what is in our “brains”:


    Yes! Here is our Arduino, a solderless breadboard, and all the necessary elements for mini-projects.

    We look at the right box, what is inside:

    This is a set of LEDs, buttons, resistors, etc. - all neatly packaged.

    Development board - allows you to create circuits with connections without soldering. Here's how layout cells are interconnected:
    Hidden text

    Let's open the box with Arduino:

    This is the original Italian Arduino, thus buying Amperka sets - we support the creators and developers of Arduino.

    We will place Arduino and a breadboard based on:

    This is the training stand , on the basis of which all mini-projects from the “Hacker Abstract” are carried out. Arduino - via USB, connects to a computer on which a free IDE for programming is installed. There is no need for programmers, soldering - in order to get a blinking LED (after unpacking the kit) - it will take only 5 minutes.

    We look further, what is in the left box


    Apparently, there is a motor, a servo motor, capacitors, microcircuits, transistors, a light sensor, a temperature sensor, etc.

    Here is the complete list of the Matryoshka Z kit:
    Hidden text
    1 × Arduino Uno Platform
    1 × Mounting
    Pad for Arduino 1 × Breadboard Half
    30 Development Board × 220 Ohm
    Resistors 10 × 1 kOhm
    Resistors 10 × 10 kOhm Resistors
    1 × Variable Resistor (Potentiometer)
    1 × Photoresistor
    1 × Thermistor
    10 × Ceramic capacitors at 100 nF
    10 × Electrolytic capacitors at 10 μF
    10 × Electrolytic capacitors at 220 μF
    5 × Bipolar transistors
    1 × Field effect transistor MOSFET
    5 × Rectifier diodes
    12 × LEDs 5 mm red
    4 × LEDs 5 mm green
    4 × LEDs 5 mm yellow
    1 × Tri-color LED
    1 × LED Bar
    1 × 7-segment display
    5 × button clock
    1 × piezo beeper
    1 × Output Shift Register 74HC595
    1 × inverting Schmitt trigger
    1 × Terminal pressure
    65 × connecting wires "male to male"
    1 × Cable USB type A - B
    1 × Cable battery power Krona
    1 × Pin connectors (1 × 40)
    1 × Motor FA-130
    1 × Microservice
    1 × Text screen 16 × 2
    1 × Brochure “Hacker Summary”


    I especially want to mention the book “Hacker Abstract” in the compendium of 20 mini-projects!

    The book is very high quality made - it's nice to work with it. In addition to mini-projects, there are sections explaining the basics, without which it will be difficult to understand working with electronics.


    Integrated circuit:

    What is PWM:


    And of course, mini-projects, each project is decorated on one spread, where the diagram is shown on the left, the drawing of the elements on the breadboard, and the connections to the Arduino inputs / outputs is shown, the sketch is shown on the right (the program for Arduino):

    Simple enough:

    And gradually complicating, to such projects:

    There are also projects for measuring temperature, transferring data to a computer (weather station), etc.

    All mini-projects are presented in the Wiki section on the Amperka website .

    How much and where to buy

    Now the fun part is how much does it cost? The price of a set of Matryoshka Z is 3990 rubles , you can buy it here (and by the way, for readers of Habr, Amperka provided a discount coupon - HABR14).

    3990 rub is it a lot or a little?

    Perhaps for an experienced person who is involved in electronics - it will be a lot - because he himself can buy all this in the nearest radio goods store - and find information on the Internet.

    But for a novice person who first sees the Schmitt Trigger, or Arduino, who wants to learn how to work with electronics (and not waste time and nerves visiting radio stores) - this will be the very thing that a couple of months (yourself, or with a child) devote to studying electronics, and personally do a dozen projects.

    itinvesting in knowledge , this is the start to explore this interesting field - both electronics and robotics. From this point of view, 3.9 mp is not much at all (this is the price of a budget phone).

    I would like for such quality educational sets to appear in our schools, I want them to be given for birthdays - then there will be more educated and interested in technical creativity people in our country.

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