11 days to Odessa Innovation Week

    Before the start of Odessa Innovation Week , a little less than 2 weeks are left and we have a lot of good news.

    We have formed the program of the WebCamp 2014 conference , which you can watch on our updated website: web-camp.org .

    We have approved the final list of workshops:
    • WebCamp Workshops: DesignersDay, July 22.
      • Delicious composition layout and the magic of ownership of color. Simon Lobach.
      • Adam's rib or how cool logos are created from the air - without miracles and black magic. Alexander Tregub.
      Registration and all the details on the website at: bit.ly/1jdIkO0 .

    • Master classes from Ciklum Consulting / WebCamp: Project Management Day, July 24.
      • Kanban pizza cooking workshop. Timothy Evgrashin and Mikhail Popchuk.
      • Workshop on tools: the holy family of Jira + Agile. Timothy Evgrashin and Mikhail Popchuk.
      Registration and all the details on the website at: bit.ly/1xRIGgw .

    • Master class from E5 / WebCamp: Project Management Day, July 24.
      • Project requirements management: from an idea to a working product. Prikhnich Alena and Sakharov Roman
      Registration and all the details on the website at: bit.ly/1xRIQoe .

    • CSM certification class with Natalya Trenina, July 24-25.
      Certified ScrumMaster is one of the certification stages of training of the international organization ScrumAlliance. SCRUMguides and Natalya Trenina invite you to receive a prestigious certificate, pleasure and benefit from a rich interactive training program.
      Registration and all the details on the website at: bit.ly/1zparPo .

    • Master class by Ruslan Shevchenko / WebCamp: Developer Day, July 25-26.
      • An introduction to the development of web applications on Play / Scala. Ruslan Shevchenko.
      Registration and all the details on the website at: bit.ly/1oBkg5A .

    We have opened accreditation for media and bloggers at Odessa Innovation Week. Application can be submitted here - bit.ly/1ndqquH .

    We opened a recruitment team of volunteers at Odessa Innovation Week. An application for joining the Help Team can be filled out here: bit.ly/1qJFaCP .

    Keep up to date with the latest conference news, take part in promotions, win prizes from organizers and partners, and share your impressions and wishes on the conference pages on social networks: Facebook , Vkontakte , Twitter .

    WebCamp 2014 Conference Hashtag: #WebCampOdessa.
    Hashtag Odessa Innovation Week: #O_I_W.

    On the eve of Odessa Innovation Week, we invite everyone to a meeting with one of the most influential people in Ukrainian Internet business and venture investment, Andriy Kolodyuk.
    • Which investors to work with?
    • How to use, use an investor for your business?
    • Tell me who your investor is and I’ll tell you what your startup will be.
    • How to check the investor?

    All this July 11 from 19:00 in the HUB Odessa at the address: st. Greek 1a. Details of the meeting are here .

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