Habrahabr Night Reading Theme

    Good afternoon, harazhiteli!
    For a long time I was worried about the night reading habrahabr problem: I prevented my wife from sleeping, and my eyes quickly get tired in the dark reading a white site. I made several attempts to create a dark night theme for habrahabr and it performed its function, but was not high enough to share it with - nevertheless, the layout of the site was very conservative and did not lend itself to neat restyling.

    With the release of the new version of the habrahabr design, the layout of the site became more progressive and simple, and I decided that this was the right moment to implement the long-planned.

    The extempl user connected in the process , and for two we got a completely usable night theme, the source code of which is published on Github, and the topic itself is published on userstyles.org and is periodically updated to the latest version from the repository.

    The main feature of the topic can be considered the use of fashionable css-filters to reduce the contrast of images and videos. The original image is displayed when you hover over it with the mouse cursor. It is comfortable and beautiful. Now and in the afternoon I use this topic!

    The theme can be installed in most current browsers using the Stylish extension. To install using Stylish, you just need to go to the page indicated above on userstyles.org and press the big attractive button.

    I invite you to use. If you find any flaws that warp you or if you have any ideas for improvement, I’m waiting for your pull requests on Github!

    UPD:The style has been updated to display icons correctly in Firefox and Opera. You can update the installed style in exactly the same way as you installed it - from the style page.

    UPD2: unfortunately, users of the Firefox browser (and probably Opera <= 12. *) cannot yet evaluate the effect of css filters.

    UPD3 : the style is updated again, updating under the updated layout plus support for geektimes. From the important: all transactions and css filters are removed, because they led to frequent rendering errors, making it impossible to use user style.

    UPD4 : over time, the layout of the habr and its side projects is evolving and getting better, which is good news.
    Update for new elements and added a megamind. Add tmfeed soon.
    From the pleasant - filters and transitions have returned - my eyes are grateful.

    UPD5: Thanks to the huge work of extempl, the style was ported to Stylus, many jambs were fixed along the way - update and join the improvement!

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