Dnipropetrovsk Android Practice Leaders Community meeting dedicated to UX, July 10

    Great news for all UX / UI specialists in Dnepropetrovsk ! The following Thursday, July 10, Ciklum will delight you with two reports on UX topics. Presentations will be held as part of the first meeting of Android Practice Leaders Community !
    Everyone will be able to listen to the reports of experienced android developers:

    - The first one is Alina Bidnenko , with 3+ work experience, who is convinced that without a quality tested UX / IU, the application cannot survive the current competition, no matter how well it is written inside;
    - The second will be Ilya Lisova , with experience 2+, a fan of mobile development and innovation.

    Speakers will tell you:
    - About the principles and methods of UX design;
    - about mobile prototypes for Android and iOS, their difference, and also why you should not make a universal design for all platforms;
    - about adapting the design of one mobile platform to another ...
    ... and they will give simple advice to designers from developers!

    Participation in the event is free of charge by prior registration goo.gl/SvVvf3
    Date: July 10, 2014
    Time: 19:00 - 20:30
    Venue: Dnepropetrovsk, ul.Barrikadnaya, 15-a, building 3. 12 floor

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