Armed robbers robbed a Samsung factory for $ 6 million, stealing 40 thousand devices


    Samsung survived a big robbery that sounds like a script from a movie. But it has nothing to do with Hollywood, and the company lost 6 million products, writes The Verge. More than 20 robbers took part in a carefully planned robbery that occurred late Monday at the Samsung factory in Brazil. The group hijacked a company bus and headed towards the factory, capturing eight employees along the way. Having taken the badges from the workers, the armed thieves took two of them with them as hostages.

    They broke into the factory and filled the trucks with phones, laptops and other Samsung branded electronics for more than three hours. And it’s not even about one or two trucks. A group of thieves managed to load more than 40,000 devices in seven trucks. Not a single worker was injured during the robbery; some only had their phones taken away so that they would not call the police.

    Local authorities and Samsung are now reviewing video surveillance footage and other possible evidence that could help them figure out how to successfully complete a robbery of this magnitude. According to one version, the robbers had assistants among the factory employees. “We are fully cooperating with the ongoing police investigation and are doing everything possible to prevent this from happening again,” a Samsung spokesman said in a commentary to the Associated Press.

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