Fresh sections on the popularity of CMS-systems, counters / analytics systems and online consultants

    Hi, Habr! We recently published our blog results for the second quarter, and now Ruward: Track updated sections of the third quarter of 2014. The study was based on automatic analysis by the crawler of about 5 million domains of the .RU zone (according to standard service signatures).

    Fresh cut on the popularity of boxed CMS


    This quarter, we significantly updated the signature database, and also added a number of new systems that could immediately get into the general top - OpenCart,, Wix and several others. This affected the redistribution of market shares (due to new players, many old people lost a little in percentage of the market), but if you look at the absolute number of installations, then from the three leaders WordPress and Bitrix added in the number of implementations, and Joomla lost a little.

    Distribution of popular counters and analytics systems


    Yandex.Metrica is growing rapidly (if this picture continues, then in the next quarter it may come out on top), LI and Google Analytics slightly reduce the share. There is a hypothesis that migration to Metrica is associated with Yandex closing data on search queries for all external systems.

    Rating distribution of popular online consultants


    Compared to April, the number of sites with installed consultants grew by 0.3 points - exactly the same growth as the consultants showed in the previous period. This time, the absolute leader in growth was Jivosite, which grew by 1.66 points, taking away a share from all other participants.

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