Simple Science - experiment digest # 34


    Today, in addition to the classic digest, consisting of four experiments, I want to announce our new project: “The franchise of a scientific show”.

    In today's issue:
    • pyrophoric iron;
    • ammonia fountain;
    • freezing soap bubbles;
    • how to put an egg on a butt.

    Pyrophoric Iron

    Pyrophoricity is the ability of a solid material in a finely divided state to self-ignite in air in the absence of heating.

    Ammonia fountain

    The experience is based on the ability of ammonia to dissolve in water. A rarefaction occurs in the flask, and the external air pressure ejects water from the beaker into the flask with great force. The red color of the indicator in the flask indicates the presence of an alkaline medium there.

    Freezing soap bubbles

    No comments.

    How to put an egg on a butt

    The egg has an oval shape with two pointed peaks. During rotation, a centrifugal force appears, which is able to set the egg on one of these vertices. This will only happen with a boiled egg, because it is completely solid. But to unwind a raw egg does not work, because it has a hard shell and liquid insides. When a raw egg is twisted, the fluid inside slows down the rotation, and the egg stops quickly.

    In the course of the experiment, a lot of tests were carried out, but we still could not answer the question "why does the egg stand on one vertex, then on another".

    Project News

    After the publication of three books and the release of the first set, we thought about the further monetization of our project. And together with the host of the channel Science 2.0 Anton Wojciechowski created an interactive show for children. And now we want to offer this show also in the form of a franchise. I will be glad to any opinions about this venture.

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