A few interesting and useful things for web developer # 21

    Good day, dear Khabravchians. Recently, I saw several interesting and useful tools / libraries / events that I want to share with Habr.

    Awesome python

    The author of this huge list of utilities for pythonists as well as the author of a similar repository for system administrators from my last collection was inspired by the Awesome PHP project. This is just a great trend, which cannot but rejoice.


    Stunning interactive charts and graphs on HTML5 Canvas. Chart.js does not depend on a proponent of libraries, works in all modern browsers and even in IE7 / 8 with a multi-filter, adaptive to mobile devices, very flexible and modular. Everything looks really beautiful, but I confess I didn’t study the project in such detail to say why it is better than DC.js from my 19th issue . The fact is that Chart in a few days gathered almost 10,000 stars on GitHub.

    Well, in order to finish the topic of data visualization, I will leave a link to Amcharts. The project is not open-source, but you can use it for free if you post a logo. I want to draw your attention to the fact that Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Bank of America, NASA, P&G, PayPal and many other world corporations work with this library.


    Cockpit or “cockpit”, as Yandex translated, is a simple, flexible and functional CMS in PHP, which will be an excellent choice when creating a small project. Cockpit allows you to easily manage content, blocks and media files, create galleries and forms. The system also provides a convenient JavaScript API for all your “asynchronous” thoughts. Well, the “cabin” looks very good.


    "A bit like Solr , but much smaller and not as bright." Library for full client-side search. Lunr indexes JSON and selects the most relevant to the request text responses.

    var idx = lunr(function () {
        this.field('title', { boost: 10 })
    // Добавляем документ к индексу
    var doc = {
        "title": "Twelfth-Night",
        "body": "If music be the food of love, play on: Give me excess of it…",
        "author": "William Shakespeare",
        "id": 1
    // Ищем


    Great CMS written in Python and Django. In Witgy, you will certainly appreciate the abundance of various modules and the ease of connection of Django Apps. All the functionality is competently presented in a convenient Drag & Drop interface. Well, here a very cool visual editor is implemented, which is built on the basis of CKEditor. This is not at all typical WYSIWYG, since it is more like a full-fledged site-builder with page builder. The developers paid a lot of attention to the API and called it django-widgy. According to them, django-widgy is a heterogeneous tree editor for Django, where each node is a separate unit.

    Cayley - graph database from Google

    Western thoughts or what it would be worth translating into Habré:


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