Laser Cube: laser engraving at home

    Laser technology has long been put at the service of man. The laser is used for communication, for heating the “fuel” of a thermonuclear reactor, as well as for more household items, such as engraving.

    Here such drawings can be applied using the Laser Cube (including on the gadget cases)

    Here is the engraving on the Samsung smartphone case

    On the cases of many gadgets we can see laser engraving. Until now, laser beam engraving has been carried out only under industrial conditions. Now the laser can work at home.

    Laser Cube - a home laser engraver, which will soon go on sale.

    Just a few days ago, a fundraising campaign was launched to launch mass production of the device. Moreover, until the end of the campaign another 27 days, and the amount collected is two and a half times higher than the requested developers. True, they asked a little - only 10 thousand US dollars. Collected, at the time of writing, 25 thousand US dollars.

    Laser Cube allows you to apply a pattern, engraving, to plastic or wood (unfortunately, it won’t work on metal, temperatures are too high there). In addition, the same engraver can also serve as a laser cutter: the device can cut objects from polystyrene foam, cardboard and some other materials.

    The system is controlled by Arduino, the maximum size of the object with which the device can work is 4.2 * 4.2 centimeters.

    Control program interface

    Pre-order Laser Cube can now be made for $ 200. The full price of the device, after it goes on sale is $ 300. In principle, not so much, the device is quite interesting, and can be used not only at home, for entertainment, but also in small workshops / companies involved in gadget customization, design, etc.

    Via kickstarter

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