Accounting for time spent

    I ask for help in finding a convenient application for recording time spent.
    It’s important for me to issue invoices to clients indicating the time spent. At first it was an exel file, but he did not have time to write after me, although he conveniently counted the number of hours. Then it was a piece of paper - it was convenient to keep handy, but not convenient to summarize the clock. And so I came to the programs. After the n-number of hours spent monitoring the network, I found one program, today, that meets all my requirements, namely:
    1. Ability to create projects
    2. Ability to create tasks
    3. Ability to create subtasks
    4. User friendly interface
    5. Strat, stop, continue buttons in the system tray
    6. Export

    This program is AllNetic Working Time Tracker . She has everything, but the interface is not a bit comfortable.

    Tell me, what is now in this direction? If there is something for domestic developers - excellent! Price - up to $ 50.

    Update: Forgot to indicate - Win32 platform

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