"Direct Translation" Wordpress 2.6.5

    Made a “direct translation” of wordpress 2.6.5. This gave a slight increase in arbitrariness. The engine began to eat about 1.7 MB less memory (depending on the hosting) and the page generation time decreased slightly.
    On the home localhost, the numbers are as follows:

    Russian wordpress 2.6.5
    Потребление памяти: 9.8MB | Время генерации страницы 0.362

    Russian wordpress 2.6.5 of my assembly
    Потребление памяти: 8.2MB | Время генерации страницы 0.286

    Anyone who uses wordpress 2.6.5 for some reason, I suggest looking at my works, use your health.
    Download wordpress 2.6.5 AlexPTS

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