DonateMe Donation Collection (Part II)

    In a previous post, I began my story about the next service from PaySto - donateMe , a service for collecting donations on the Internet. Let me remind you that this system works extremely simply, and it is the developers who emphasize the convenience and ease of use by all participants in the process.

    DonateMe service is easy to integrate into sites and web pages, and through it it is just as easy to make payments to those who wish to do a good deed.

    Donations using PaySto can be collected both for individuals (for the realization of a dream or plan), and for groups - organizations or teams (for holding promotions, organized assistance to those in need, launching projects). In the first case, donateMe is used, in the second - the ContributeWork option.

    Those who plan to raise funds choose the method of receiving money from the offered PaySto. Among them are bank transfers (both to a current account, to a personal account, as well as to a bank card) and money transfers within the borders of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova (through the Unistream or CONTACT system). Finally, charitable contributions can also be received in the form of electronic money - WebMoney, MoneyMail, RBK.Money and Yandex.Money.

    Again, the convenience and profitability of using donateMe / ContributeWork is that regardless of the currency in which the donation was made, the amount is withdrawn from the PaySto system in the currency that is convenient for the recipient. The amount of funds to receive in this case is not limited.

    To use the services you need to register with PaySto and create your Personal Account. It will store all data about transactions, which the user can view at any time, only having access to the Internet. Thanks to constant updates of information in the system, control over translations can be implemented in real time.

    If the user / organization collecting donations has his own website, then the form of depositing funds is integrated directly into it, in a prominent place. To do this, the donation form code is generated in the site code, which is generated in the PaySto system. Those who do not have their own sites can share with those who wish to donate a link to a specially generated page on which there is only a form for making money. Such pages on the Internet have their own short addresses - <code> or <code> (depending on the type of collection - individual or group).

    Actually, the process of implementation of the contribution occurs as follows: the payer who wants to make a donation follows the link to the payment form. There he chooses the amount of the donation and the method of payment. When the money arrives in the PaySto system, the payer is again automatically sent to the page of the collector of contributions. The latter receives a notification from PaySto about the input of donated funds and can withdraw them from the system at any time and in any way convenient for him.

    Regarding the cost of using the donateMe / ContributeWork service, PaySto offers the following conditions to its customers. Registration in the system does not cost anything. The minimum transfer amount is 1 ruble; there is no upper limit for subsidies. The client pays the withdrawal of funds from the system (100 rubles), the commission for using the service (up to 7.5% of the payment amount) and currency exchange in the system at its internal rate (if necessary).

    Obviously, working with these services from PaySto will greatly simplify the collection of donations on the Internet, because it will be implemented in a single system, and the client-recipient of charitable contributions will not need to use several methods of transferring funds (bank accounts, cards, settlement accounts, etc. ) Having set a specific account for receiving financial injections, where funds will be transferred from the system, the PaySto client will only control the process of their transfer.

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