Google+ already has 90 million users

    According to Larry Page, Google+ already has 90 million users. This is exactly the amount indicated in the press release published as a report on the work of the corporation for the fourth quarter. In general, the number of users of this social network continues to grow, and very quickly - after all, only recently have data been published on 28 million users of this social network.

    Actually, there is nothing surprising here, since very many Corporation Dobra’s services are used, and since Google+ is now part of almost any company’s service, many are also registered in social networks. Back in October, the resource user base totaled approximately 40 million people. In December, it became known that Google+ has 62 million users. Looking at all these numbers, some experts predict that by the end of this year, Google+ will already have 400 million users. In general, there is already worthy competition for “social network No. 1”, Facebook.

    Larry Page does not comment on statistics on the social network, in addition, he refused to make forecasts on the growth of the Google+ user base this year. Actually, he does it right. However, Page said that there are a lot of “live” users of social networks. 60% of "subscribers" visit Google+ every day, and about 80% - every week.

    Of course, the brainchild of Google is still far from Facebook, because according to some forecasts, the number of users of this social network can reach as much as a billion by August of this year. However, Google+’s growth is very, very significant, so Facebook is already worried. It is also worth replacing that the past year was very successful for Google and financially, the corporation continues to set records.

    Via Mashable

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