Launched production of nooLite PM111 and PT111 wireless sensors

    This week, what many home automation enthusiasts have been waiting for a long time - the Belarusian company Nootekhnika began production of nooLite wireless sensors: PM111 motion sensor and PT111 temperature / humidity sensor .

    Wireless motion sensor PM111

    The sensor sends an enable command to the attached power blocks if an object whose temperature is higher than the ambient temperature moves in its field of vision. If no movement is detected for some time, the sensor sends a shutdown command to the attached blocks. The time until the units are turned off and the sensitivity of the sensor are adjusted by the regulators on its case. There is also a photosensor with which you can configure the sensor to send commands only in the dark.

    The range of the thermal sensor is up to 5 m, the time before shutdown can be adjusted in the range from 5 s to 21.8 min. The maximum range to the power unit is the same as that of the other nooLite consoles - up to 50 m. Power supply - from 2 AAA batteries (" pinky"). The manufacturer claims that the sensor will work for at least 1 year from one set of batteries.

    The cost of the sensor is approximately 750 rubles.

    Temperature and humidity sensor PT111

    This sensor measures microclimate parameters (temperature and humidity) and transmits them via radio to the nooLite PR1132 Ethernet gateway . The gateway displays the received data in its web interface. Also, the sensor can operate in thermostat or gyrostat mode, sending control commands to the attached power units to maintain the desired temperature or humidity level in the room. For example, in gyrostat mode, the sensor can turn on an exhaust fan in the bathroom if the humidity there has become higher than permissible.

    Unfortunately, the PT111 sensor is not compatible with the nooLite RX1164 USB receiver. More precisely, the receiver can receive control commands intended for power units, but cannot receive data commands. This is due to a change in the nooLite protocol that occurred after the receiver began production. The Ethernet gateway contains a different version of the receiver and can receive data commands. Probably, in the future there will be a new version of the receiver or, m. the ability to update its firmware.
    The sensor can operate at temperatures from -20 to +50 ° C, the threshold value can be set from +5 to +30 ° C (in thermostat mode) and from 5 to 99% (in gyrostat mode). The remaining parameters are the same as the previous sensor.

    The cost of the sensor is about 1400 p.

    Instead of a conclusion

    Personally, I waited for these sensors for a very long time (almost a year, as soon as I found out about their development). The start of their production was postponed several times and I am very glad that this finally happened. I’m a little disappointed by the cost of the temperature and humidity sensor, as well as the impossibility of its work with the RX1164 adapter - I will observe their development and wait for a new adapter. As for the motion sensors - a year ago I had planned where I would put them - soon the plans will be realized :)

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