Drones pizza delivery in Syktyvkar was illegal

    More recently, there was news that told how inventive Fyodor Ovchinnikov introduced delivery of drones to Syktyvkar pizzeria.
    To receive a pre-paid order on the Internet, the client needs to go outside and call the operator. The operator monitors the client in real time using the camera installed on the drone and gives a command to lower the pizza box.

    According to Gosavianadzor, the company violates the rules for the use of airspace, for which it may pay a corresponding fine. Fedor Ovchinnikov denies his guilt. According to him, flights of drones are not legally regulated in any way, so he does not see any violations in the company's actions.
    The actions of the restaurant owners show signs of an administrative offense under Article 11.4 (“Violation of the rules for the use of airspace”) of the Administrative Code.

    A pizzeria can be fined 200,000 rubles.
    Innovation is punishable.

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