New Imaging SDK and SensorCore SDK for Lumia Available Now

    This week's Nokia Imaging SDK and Sensor Core SDK, presented at the Build 2014 conference , were made publicly available on the Nokia Developer website .

    At the same time, Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 , which allows expanding the functionality of applications when working with images, dropped the Beta set-top box, and SensorCore SDK Beta, intended for fitness and well-being control applications, got out of the gloom from closed testing.

    Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2

    Both the developers (albeit the Beta version) and the users of new Nokia devices based on Windows Phone 8.1 have already tried Imaging SDK 1.2. So, for example, this toolkit was used to create a number of proprietary applications included in the Nokia Cyan update package : Nokia Photo Studio , Nokia Stories and Nokia Animated Photos .

    The latest release supports not only Lumia smartphones based on Windows Phone 8.1, but also any other device based on Windows Phone 8.0 and (!) Windows 8.1, including tablets and PCs. Thanks to Microsoft's Universal Windows Application ecosystem this yeardevelopers can now create applications within the same project using the same code with minimal changes for different platforms. Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 is also fully compatible with WinRT, which means that developers have gained greater freedom in choosing the language that is most convenient for them when creating applications.

    Thanks to the support of animated GIF and Image Aligner files, you can now create applications with moving pictures.

    In addition, the new Local Blending API facilitates the process of merging and positioning images of different sizes on top of each other, allowing you to experiment with additional features in your applications.

    Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2, all documentation and sample applications can be found at this link .

    Lumia Sensor Core SDK Beta

    The new Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and Lumia 930 smartphones are equipped with a new feature called SensorCore, which allows you to collect data on the user's physical activity. This feature will also be available for the Lumia 1520 after the Lumia Cyan update (read, to upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1).

    This technology, working in real time, is used to collect and store information about user actions (for example, statistics on walking, running or time spent on procrastination rest). Subsequently, this data can be transmitted on demand to applications, such as, for example, “Health and Fitness” .

    Health and Fitness is the first application to start using SensorCore, but the new beta version of the SensorCore SDK also offers other developers the opportunity to use its potential. SensorCore, for example, can be combined with GPS data to implement a route tracker in applications or, for example, to obtain deeper analytical data taking into account geolocation.

    SensorCore technology is optimized for energy consumption, so that applications will have minimal impact on battery consumption.

    SensorCore SDK, all documentation and sample applications can be found at this link .

    To test your skills in creating applications, pay attention to two new tasks on the page, which offers you the maximum possible test of the potential sensorCore SDK for Lumia. One test is for new applications created with SensorCore, the other is for updated ones.

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