The startups battle will be held at the Internet of Things conference. We invite participants

    The friendly atmosphere of last year's Battle of Startups

    The Battle of Startups will be held as part of the Internet of Things conference. We invite everyone who has innovative ideas and is looking for investors. Participation is free by prior registration . The deadline for applications is September 21 at 6:00 pm (Moscow time).

    The battle of startups will take place on September 25 at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center from 14:00 to 17:00.

    Startup Battle Format

    Here, newcomers will be able to show their project to real listeners, get feedback from investors, refine the idea and find future partners. Each participant will have three minutes to present their project. Although the conference is generally devoted to the Internet of Things, projects from different IT fields can participate in the Battle of Startups.

    A project can be presented by one participant. Another free ticket will be received by a guest who will be supported by the speaker in the hall.

    The jury will evaluate the four components of the project on a five-point scale:

    • product itself (uniqueness, competitiveness, etc.);
    • the market (is the product ready to enter the market, can it bring something new);
    • team (having a team for project implementation);
    • investment attractiveness of the project.

    The winner will be determined by the amount of points.

    The start-up winner will receive a free booth at IoT Conference 2019, and the second place holder will receive a smart coffee maker Redmond.

    Who is on the jury?

    Representatives of large venture capital funds will judge the participants and choose the winners.

    Among them:

    Oleg Dronov , director of the investment fund. The Fund provides opportunities for the withdrawal of projects in international markets, has a strong expertise in developing countries and is willing to invest in projects in these regions.

    Priority areas: advertising technology, B2C-businesses, education, e-commerce and mobile applications. The volume of the fund’s investments in one project is from $ 100,000 to $ 1,000,000.

    Sergey VasilyevManaging Partner Starta Ventures. This is a venture capital fund with an acceleration program that invests in projects in the seed and first rounds. There are two representative offices at the disposal of the fund, one of which operates in Moscow and the other in New York.

    Priority areas: analytics, e-commerce, hardware and software, medtech, SaaS and security systems. The volume of the fund’s investments in a single project is from $ 101,000 to $ 500,000.

    Alexander Saltykov , investment analyst at Phystech Ventures. The fund invests mainly at the seed stage, focusing on technology projects.

    Priority areas: additive technologies, sensorics, new energy sources, energy efficiency, Big Data, information technology in the field of security, decentralized financial systems.

    Winners of last year's Battle of startups

    Last year the Belka project, which proposed solutions for the smart home system, became the winner of the Battle of Startups. The second place went to MoveReHub - a VR project for the rehabilitation of patients after a stroke. Third place is the Allyst project, a platform for building IoT networks and control centers.

    Grigory Zarudaev, developer of the Belka smart home system: “The exhibition was very successful. It was focused on topics, organized in an organizational way, and visitors were our target audience .

    Anna Slobodenyuk, a representative of the project MoveReHub: “Thanks to the event, we were interested in potential investors and partners, with whom we continued to communicate already outside the conference .

    Taras Khalturin (Allyst):“It was nice to see the interest in the project from a large state-owned company. In general, we received very good feedback in the process of communicating with visitors to the exhibition, and this is especially important for projects that are in the initial stages of entering the market .

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