Acronis True Image for Mac - why and for whom?

    Good afternoon, dear inhabitants of the habr! Today, we are proud to present you our new product, Acronis True Image for Mac , an application that protects your Macs from data loss.

    Actually, as the name implies, this is a product for the Mac platform. And at the moment, the most common question that we meet is why and for whom we made this product.

    Why and for whom did we make this product?

    Launching Acronis True Image for Windows, we have recently come across more and more requests for Mac support from our customers. It is understandable with the successes of Apple over the past few years.

    Yes, there is a Time Machine in Mac OS X, but if a person used Acronis True Image, then of course he wants to have the same solution for Mac OS X. That is, the first group of our customers is our existing customers with a mixed environment .
    The second group of customers is people who are not satisfied with how the built-in Time Machine works. Let's dwell on this in more detail.

    Configure Time Machine

    Time Machine makes backups once an hour, and it's not so easy to change. Yes, it is not difficult for most readers of this post and using Mac OS X, but a simple user is unlikely to cope with it quickly. So the ability to clearly plan backups is a plus.

    Incremental file copies

    Time Machine does not do incremental backups very well. That is, they are, but at the file level. If the file has changed, then it is all in its entirety and will be folded into a backup copy. This is especially painful for virtual machines. In fact, using TM in this case is almost impossible. The place where you put your copies clogs up very quickly.

    Virtual machine support

    Since we are talking about virtual machines, we support backing up a Parallels virtual machine. That is, even if you have a Parallels virtual machine running, the backup copy of your disk will contain it, moreover, in a consistent state. From this copy it will be possible to restore the virtual machine without data loss and “load”. Why only Parallels? Mostly because Parallels dominates the market.

    Cloud backup

    Cloud Support. We can do backups in the Cloud. Yes, the first copy will take time, it is better to put it at night, for example. But in the future, everything will be much faster. Mac OS X users are on average more mobile than Windows users, and therefore, to have access to their backups and, most importantly, continue to make these copies on a trip, we consider it very important.

    Data compression

    Time Machine does not compress data during backup. We are squeezing.

    SMB support

    We can do backups on an SMB ball (AFP, of course, too). For mixed Windows – Mac environments, this is also a noticeable plus.

    As a result, in the current solution, we tried to focus on the most reliable data storage, taking into account the interests of target users. Using Acronis True Image for Mac, you can quite effectively follow the rule of three copies in different places (one copy must be deleted). One copy is on your machine, the second is on the local USB drive or NAS, the third is in the Cloud.


    To be completely honest, let's talk about the current limitations of our product. Since any commercial development is limited in time, we also had rather tight deadlines. Therefore, it was decided to make the minimum necessary set of functionality in order to enter the market and begin to receive feedback from users. Further, already focusing on reviews, you can plan the next version of the product. So what are our limitations. We do not support the current release:

    • Bootcamp,
    • Fusion Drives
    • File Vault

    In future versions, we will add support for these configurations, prioritizing based on feedback from users.

    A small lyrical digression on the topic “Why is backup important?”

    I, probably, should work to convince everyone around that it is important to attend to the backup issue. But it just so happened that I myself am deeply convinced of the need to do this. Unfortunately, it is in our culture that the hope of chance is very powerful. In our society there are no very useful habits that could greatly simplify life and save a lot of time. In order not to be unfounded, I will give a recent example from my life. Surely many of you have filed tax returns for mortgage taxes. Previously, in order to do this, it was necessary to indicate the subject income for the period and how much interest was paid to the bank for the same period (usually a year). But, as I recently discovered, now you need to indicate the amount of money paid as interest for the entire loan period, and not just for the last year. It would seem nonsense, but this is if you have preserved the documents that you collected by submitting past declarations, well, or the declarations themselves. But I did not save them, because this was never necessary. Now, apparently, you can get the necessary numbers only by contacting the tax. And this is the time spent and unnecessary care. So such things, a backup - the whole head.

    I suppose there are many Mac OS X users who are concerned about the backup issue. If you are currently using Time Machine, then we would be interested to read about your experience, what you are happy with and what not. We will give the key to the authors of the three most detailed answers on Acronis True Image for Mac, so that you have something to compare.

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