We Are the Dwarves! - domestic tactical action on Kickstarter

    Note: The author of the post has nothing to do with the developers of the game. He just posted an announcement.

    Kiev studio Whale Rock Games launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the development of the game "We Are the Dwarves!" The plot of the game tells of three gnomes-astronauts who went for the new Sun for their fellow tribesmen. Only instead of a spaceship they have a mechanical drill, with which they pave the way in the earth's firmament. And the role of the Sun in their world is played by magic stones that emit magical light. Depending on the style of the player, the characters can either enter into an open battle or hide from enemies. Animals have real "feelings." They can hear you, see, or track by smell.

    There are three gnome clans in the game: Engineer, Warrior and Apprentice. They are all technically savvy, and not very belligerent, but can stand up for themselves if necessary.


    He is a true fan of mechanical devices. In the game you will see how he makes traps, builds guns and barriers. His right hand is also mechanical to hold a powerful shotgun.


    This guy loves to fight. Don’t feed him bread, let’s fill someone’s face. His native kingdom consists mainly of battle arenas. But they are not invaders. They only improve in the art of war. Smashfist is strong and fearless, but at the same time a great optimist in life. He can become hotter and strengthen his power, or he can become pachyderm and gain immunity from any attack.


    This is the most mystical character of the three. He is very secretive, but has secret knowledge. In his arsenal, stealth and teleportation. His movements are invisible, enemies never know where their death will come from. And perhaps this character will turn into ... an owl. But we do not know for sure.


    Single game - control one, two or three heroes
    Tactically real-time battles in a unique fantasy world
    Stealth or mochilovo mode - everything is in the hands of players
    Game pause and sequence of commands
    Interaction with the environment , natural traps, variability of the battlefield. Exit We Are the Dwarves! scheduled for November 2015 on Windows and Mac. The developers requested $ 120,000. The Kickstarter campaign began just recently. On the project page there is a short game video, a lot of concept art and details of the future game. Update 2014.06.27: The authors posted a post demonstrating the gameplay and screenshots.

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