Gmail API

    Google decided to open the content of Gmail inboxes for third-party applications and introduced the Gmail APIs . According to Google, they are more convenient and safer than IMAP.

    Gmail API gives access to specific resources, such as Threads, Messages, Labels, Draftsor History. For example, a third-party application may request access only to send letters (but not read), or only to read (but not send), or only to change the labels for letters and conversations, or only to search for specific letters and conversations.

    Gmail is one of the most popular email services in the world. The exact number of users is unknown, but in 2012 Google estimated the audience at 425 million people, while noting that Gmail is a mail provider for 66 of the 100 largest universities in the world and 5 million commercial companies.

    This means that Gmail is now probably the second platform in terms of the number of active users after Facebook, which should definitely attract application developers. Of course, creating applications based on the mail service seems strange, but Google wants to experiment.

    A variety of applications can benefit from scanning a mailbox. For example, any program can automatically confirm email, without forcing a person to click on the confirmation link. It is enough to just scan the Inbox folder for the appearance of the corresponding text. Or, for example, an expense accounting program can automatically import receipts from the Inbox folder, indicating the items of expenses and the amount spent in online stores. Or the program can send letters on behalf of the user, in accordance with the specified conditions.

    In addition, using the Gmail API, you can create various extensions for the standard Gmail web interface. For example, a button to “freeze” the inboxfor 30-60 minutes or a day or a week when a person does not want to be distracted. Here you can come up with a lot of ideas. Including you can make extensions that promote your own brand. Say, an extension that performs programmed actions when receiving a letter with predefined content.

    Although new opportunities open up for developers, users will have to be more careful about issuing permissions to access third-party applications to personal information. However, in this regard, the Gmail APIs are safer than the standard IMAP, because they can limit the authority of third-party programs to the necessary minimum.

    API Documentation
    Gmail API Client Libraries (.NET, Java, JavaScript (beta), Objective-C, PHP (beta), Python, Go (alpha), Node.js (alpha), Ruby (alpha))

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