New rules for importing goods from abroad come into force (intermediaries warn users)

    What has been rumored for so long and that so much has been discussed is already being implemented close to completion.
    Entry into force New import rules will soon come into force. Today, a newsletter came from Shipito, in which it is reported that there are about 40 days for the purchase and delivery of goods at old prices (1000 Euro per month per person).

    Russian Customs News
    New custom limit is 150 Euro and 10kg for one parcel.
    There is about 30-40 days for this law to take effect.

    Voting on the Internet did not help.
    Sad story. Now you can’t buy goods that are so rare in Russia so easily (for example, I ordered immediately after the announcement of the Nexus 5 32Gb white and Nexus 7 32Gb white).
    It is also unknown at what price the so-expected by many Moto360s will be available for us.
    And although there was no official announcement, and the project has not yet been signed, mailing from one of the largest intermediaries says a lot.
    The initiative against the introduction of additional taxes on purchases in foreign online stores, as well as against the reduction of the customs limit of 1000 euros for the purchase of goods for personal use, is still open
    UPD 1 :
    For convenience, I will describe how things are currently. If only the cost limit and mass are changed, then it will be similar.

    IGOs are not subject to customs duties with the following mandatory features:
    • Items must be for personal use.
    • The total amount of goods per month should not exceed 1000 euros per recipient - an individual.
    • The total weight of goods per month should not exceed 31 kg per recipient - an individual.
    • In case of receipt within one month of goods whose value exceeds 1000 euros and their total weight exceeds 31 kg, customs duties are applied in respect of such excess.

    Customs duties have value and weight standards.
    • If the product is worth more than the specified standards, then a fee of 30% of the excess of the normative value will be charged. Shipping costs are not included.
    • If the imported goods weigh more than the specified standards, then a customs duty of 4 euros per 1 kg of excess weight will be charged.

    For example:
    The total cost of goods per month is 1200 euros. The total weight is 20 kg.
    At the moment : Duty (1200-1000) * 30% = 200 * 0.3 = 60 euros.
    If they accept the project : Duty (1200-150) * 30% = 1050 * 0.3 = 315 euros (by weight the tax is obtained: (20-10) * 4 = 40 euros, but the larger of the two is taken). Of course, you must consider each individual package, and not the total cost. The norms do not cancel the total monthly limit, but add a restriction on one parcel.
    The cost of the parcel is 130 euros. Parcel weight - 40 kg.
    At the moment : Duty (40-31) * 4 = 9 * 4 = 36 euros.
    If you accept the project : Duty (40-10) * 4 = 30 * 4 = 120 euros
    If both the weight and the cost are exceeded, then the excess is calculated for both indicators and the maximum amount is taken.
    Read more HERE

    UPD 2 : An example from life. Purchase Nexus 5 32Gb. For the calculation, the euro exchange rate is 46 rubles, the dollar exchange rate is 34 rubles (all figures are rounded for convenience).
    The cost on Google Play is $ 399 + $ 10 delivery to the intermediary’s warehouse + $ 3-5 parcel processing + ~ $ 40 shipping = about $ 455 or $ 15,500.
    When / if they accept the project:
    Cost approximately 295 euros. The tax will be (295-150) * 0.3 = 43.5 euros or 2000 rubles.
    With the cost of the device in the currently connected 16990, the purchase does not make sense, because overpayment will be 500 rubles. It will be relevant at the start of sales (8 months ago the cost was about 21-22 thousand rubles)

    UPD 3:
    Today's letter from Shopfans-Express:
    How to Live After a Limit Reduction?
    It would seem twofold news for shopaholics, but is everything so bad ?!

    Firstly, OUR MAIN SURPRISE - today we are announcing a new type of delivery "Altyn-Express" through the Republic of Kazakhstan! This will give customers from Russia and the Republic of Belarus the opportunity to continue to use the limit of € 1,000 per month, as if the limits in Russia had not changed. Previously, the cost of delivery through Altyn Express will be 10% -15% higher than directly through Shopfans-Express, and delivery times will increase by 1-2 business days. The final information on the launch of Altyn-Express will be announced 30 days before the reduction of limits in Russia.

    Secondly, from June 2014, one can send parcels through Shopfans-Express on the principle of “one Parcel - several Recipients”, making maximum use of the duty-free limit of each Recipient. Thus, you can receive parcels with an estimated value above the established limit without paying customs duty. Unite, and the favorable shipping cost is guaranteed! Already, we are sending parcels worth more than € 1000 to several recipients. See our Shopfans-Express manual for details.

    Details about Shopfans delivery here

    UPD 4:
    An article appeared in the Izvestia newspaper from the deputy head of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Evraev (the Ministry of the Post includes Russia, the agency is involved in the development of new mechanisms for regulating Internet commerce).

    Now we are undergoing two parallel processes: the first - a draft government decree is under public discussion, which proposes to change the rules for importing goods for personal use from foreign online stores, setting the cost of importing one parcel in Russia at € 150 and weighting 10 kg without limiting the number of parcels received per month per person, the second is the process of interagency coordination of the international protocol for all countries participating in the Customs Union, Evraev explains. - We expect that changes to Russian legislation will come into force within 1.5–2 months, and at the same time, legislation for all countries of the Customs Union will be harmonized.

    It is planned to provide banks and payment systems with the opportunity to connect to the service for paying customs payments and accept payment for these public services through their online services. We hope that these initiatives will be implemented before the end of this year, Natalia Karachevtseva, deputy chairman of the board of the non-profit partnership National Payment Council, told Izvestia.

    Full article.

    UPD 5 :
    Last night a letter came from the parcel post.

    How to live with new customs limits? There is an answer!

    Friends! Many of you are worried about the new customs limits, which have not yet been adopted, but, as many believe, are about to be introduced.

    In order to mitigate the consequences of this event for you, the Parcel is developing a number of solutions, the first of which we are launching on July 4 in testing mode.

    The solution is called “Joint sending” and it is intended both for those who organize joint purchases, and for those who simply like to buy many things, not only for themselves, but also for their friends, relatives and friends.

    The new dispatch method will allow you to avoid the need to overpay for customs duties where this can be avoided quite legally and honestly.

    You will see the details on the Parcel website on the day of the launch of “Joint shipments”. Follow our news!

    UPD6 Possible good news about the suspension of work on the project and its cancellation.

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