Poppies. Create promotional videos online. No more complicated than writing an article. For the price of a dinner in a restaurant


    Videos are needed by everyone who runs a business on the network, the video accompanies the buyer throughout the sales funnel and helps him make the right decision. Only usually the videos are expensive and are done for about a month, which means they are not available to everyone. In Alconost, in 8 cases out of 10, in response to information on prices for video trailers, we hear “oh, expensive, I really want to, but sorry, it won’t work out”.

    We decided that this pain should be treated and made by Macs, an online service for creating promotional videos: http://makivideo.com

    Creating a video in Macs resembles working on a regular article: first we make the structure (add, delete, drag and drop scenes), then add logo, illustrations, product video and write text for the announcer. This usually takes a couple of hours.

    Video generation occurs automatically, we removed human labor from the process (except for the recording of voice acting that native speakers make), therefore the cost of creating a video is low: a video can be made for $ 50-300.

    A little more about Maki-clips - next.

    So, to make a video in Maki you need to:
    - choose a video style and color scheme;
    - add, delete, swap scenes;
    - add your content: logo, images, video, text announcer;

    You can watch the intermediate result on the storyboard and in draft videos with a robot announcer (by the way, it is so sincere that we left the opportunity to make a final video with it if someone so desires). Creating storyboards and draft videos is free and takes anywhere from half a minute to five minutes.

    The cost of the Maki-roller depends on the number of scenes in it. One scene in FullHD costs $ 30, in HD - $ 25. The final video generation time is from several hours to a day, it depends on the availability of our speakers at a particular point in time.

    These are the videos you can do in Macs
    So, in Maki you can make a regular trailer for the application:

    ... or a video tutorial:

    ... or an advertising preroll for youtube:

    ... or an investor pitch:

    ... or a video for a crowdfunding campaign:

    Surprisingly, it turns out that you can make videos not only about IT in Maki products:

    And what kind of video do you get, share in the comments? We will also be grateful for feedback and suggestions.

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    Alconost localizes applications, games and sites in 60 languages. Native translators, linguistic testing, cloud platform with API, continuous localization, project managers 24/7, any format of string resources.

    We also make advertising and training videos - for sites that sell, image, advertising, training, teasers, expliner, trailers for Google Play and the App Store.

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