First Evernote Beta for Mac 5.6 Available for Installation


    For six months, our team worked on a complete redesign of Evernote for Mac in all aspects of the application. We set ourselves the task of creating a faster and more stable version of Evernote for Mac. The new version also turned out to be more economical in terms of energy consumption.

    The work is not finished yet, but we are ready to offer you to try our beta version and help with the detection of errors in the application. Those who wish can install the application via the link at the end of the post.

    What's new

    In the new version, much has been improved or appeared for the first time. Below we will tell you more about all the innovations.


    • Synchronization began to work three times faster. Especially significant improvements in the work will be noted by users with many shared notebooks and Evernote Business subscribers.
    • New notes are synced instantly, so you can immediately access them on other devices.
    • Notes can be shared without waiting for the end of synchronization.
    • Application start and close times have been significantly reduced.
    • The new keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly jump to the list of notes (CMD + |). Tab key allows you to quickly switch between search, list of notes, title and text field of the current note.
    • Significantly reduced power consumption in the background and in application mode.

    New opportunities

    • Added table editing capabilities: change borders, adjust background color and border style.
    • Image size can now be changed directly in the note editor. Just click on the image and drag it to the right side in the lower right corner.
    • Search results are now sorted by relevance.
    • Now on the list of notes are notebooks in which you recently worked.
    • Checking list boxes in the notebook editor has become more convenient.
    • Now authorization in Evernote is saved by default.
    • Improved application stability
    • We fixed more than 400 errors, including more than 100 reasons for the crash.
    • Our emergency shutdown reporting system has been completely redone.

    Known Issue

    • Spotlight Search is currently not available.

    Please note: this is a beta version.

    Evernote for Mac 5.6 is currently in beta status. We recommend weighing the pros and cons before installing so that you are comfortable working with the earlier version of the application. Currently, there is a small likelihood of problems in the work and, possibly, even data loss. Some features are not yet available, but they will be available very soon.

    Download Evernote for Mac 5.6 Beta 1 »

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