Portable and accurate: Dacuda PocketScan wireless scanner

    There are many scanners in the world, because this is a very popular device. Transformation of printed text into electronic text, scanning of graphic materials, other tasks - all this will always be necessary.

    But in our mobile world, and devices must be mobile. Smartphones, tablets, tablet phones, netbooks and ultrabooks - it's not for nothing that all this is so popular. And scanners are also becoming more mobile. Well, an example is Dacuda PocketScan. This is a scanner that allows you to transfer images and texts to laptops and tablets on the fly, with further recognition of the scanned material.

    The developer of the device is the Swiss company Dacuda.

    The scanner itself allows you to scan documents of almost any format, from the smallest to A2. All that needs to be done is to combine the device with a tablet / laptop, and spend it on the sheet with the necessary data.

    The scanner is really portable, with dimensions of 95x50x27 mm and a weight of 85 grams. The battery is capacious enough, it is enough to perform 400 scanning operations. And this is quite a thick book.

    Characteristics of the device:

    Now the developers put up their project on Kickstarter , where the device has already collected 232 thousand US dollars instead of the 50 thousand planned fees. And until the end of the campaign - another 22 days.

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