ROS MAX - free? We plan to open a license for free commercial use.

    We are opening a fundraising for the preparation of the MAKS RTOS for free mass use.


    The new version will allow third-party developers to add modules to the system, and the license will not limit commercial use.

    It has already been the 4th year since the development of the MAKS RTOS began ( Refer to the trial version (source code)) . During this time, we were able to bring the product to the market in 2017 and start selling it, created a “no worse” system, and in some ways better analogues.

    MAKS is now part of the university curriculum , has become the Best Innovative Product in St. Petersburg , has entered the development environment of CM-LYNX from Milandr, and a community has begun to form.

    And the most common question we are asked is “How much does it cost?”.

    The answer to this question has always been the most difficult - too different clients, too different devices, too different tasks being solved.

    We made a decision that will help solve the problem: we make the MAKS RTOS free if the community supports us in this.

    Why do we need it?

    The model with the purchase of licenses begins to slow down the development - somewhere we don’t have time to work out commercial orders, we get expensive for the developer somewhere. We want to make MAKS a massive decision. And to earn ... you can earn on technical support, the creation of special solutions, certified versions.

    Why do we collect money?

    We want to assess whether the community really needs a MAX RTOS.

    Where will the money go?

    • On review of all program interfaces and doxygen documentation.
    • On additional projects examples.
    • On the API to develop additional functionality (drivers, file systems, network protocols, etc.) by the community.

    What is the result?

    Free for commercial use of open source RTOS.


    If you support the project on Bumstarer,

    • Your name (or pseudonym) will be included in the official delivery of the product. We guarantee the preservation of your name in all future releases.
    • All participants with a contribution of 1500 ₽ will receive a personalized metal mug with the logo of the MAX MAX and individual serial number.

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