46 simple tips for the success of your online store

Original author: Rob Green
Rob Green, the owner of his own consulting agency in Los Angeles, has been working in the field of SEO for a long time. Over the years, he has seen many online stores and can clearly say what most of them lacked. He put together a list of 46 of the most relevant tips he gave to his clients.

1. Never leave a letter unanswered. Only 48 hours, and your client will stop waiting.

2. Let the customer see the shipping cost without registering.

3. If you deliver goods to different regions (countries), make a list of regions in alphabetical order.

4. Take a picture of your office and add photos to your contact page.

5. The product page should be contrasting and concise, without unnecessary information. Use great quality photos.

6. You make a site for the buyer, not for search engines.

7. The client should easily find links to your security and privacy policies, delivery terms and payment methods.

8. Inform the customer about the status of his order before he asks about it.

9. Use the same visual design for each customer action.

10. Provide complete information about the product and its models that are available.

11. In detail answer all possible questions about the product on the page with its description.

12. If you do not ship the goods to specific regions, notify the customer in advance.

13. Have your employees periodically check your store’s content for spelling errors.

14. Make calls free for your customers.

15. Show your site as many friends as possible, let them test it. And the less they understand on sites, the better.

16. Listen to customers, give them the opportunity to comment, establish feedback, use the information received.

17. Indicate the real phone number of your office on the page "About Us".

18. Learn how to use basic photo editing software and make product photos better.

19. Remove all navigation aids from the purchase process. Make the order form one-page, if possible.

20. Write, but rather call your customer to thank him and confirm the order, it inspires confidence.

21. Add your phone number or online consultant window for each stage of the order so that the client can ask for help at any time.

22. Your page simply should have a “popular products” section.

23. Prices must be quoted without reservation and visible at every stage of the purchase.

24. Make sure that clicking on the thumbnail, the client will see a full-size photo.

25. On the product page, make a block that will always be visible. It should contain the name of the product, its price and the buy button.

26. The reference to the “FAQ” should be noticeable.

27. Deliver the goods as quickly as possible. Preferably on the same day as possible.

28. Make contextual ads send the buyer directly to the product page, the client is not interested in your home page.

29. Make a list of related products and a list of "with this product also buy:" for each product.

30. Send not only promotions and special offers. Prepare and send out really useful material.

31. If the product is delivered through an intermediary, provide the customer with its coordinates so that he can track the status of the package.

32. If you are selling the same model, made in different colors, provide a photo of each of them.

33. Use the large print (14 +) for product titles and names to highlight them and possibly increase conversions.

34. All calls and questions to an online consultant should be answered by a real person, not a car.

35. Promise less, do more.

36. Customers with problems often become loyal fans of your store if their problem has been solved at the highest level.

37. Understand when a customer leaves your competitors.

38. Make sure that your buy button is always visible and visible enough so that the customer does not look for it.

39. Make sure that the title of the product page uses the name of the product, not your company.

40. Guarantee a refund and provide a guarantee on all products.

41. Experiment with the wording on the CTA button. It might be better to use “add to cart”, which sounds less binding than “buy” or order. ”

42. If you are going to ask the client to subscribe to the newsletter during the order, do it after processing the payment.

43. If you can not compete in pricing, compete in the service sector, assortment and speed of delivery.

44. Add gratitude to each message about the accepted order. Use your photo and personal data such as name and phone.

45. Strive for profit.

46. ​​Continue to learn: the more you know, the more effective your actions.

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