Harley-Davidson Introduces LiveWire Electric Motorcycle

    Although electric motorcycles, like electric cars, have been around for quite some time, the interest in electric drives from a company like Harley-Davidson means a lot. Harley is an American classic and a subject of worship for bikers around the world. For a brand that is associated with growling “choppers” and long journeys on the highway, this is a very bold move. The LiveWire motorcycle is not yet for sale, so nothing is known about its price and exact specifications.

    A prototype on which journalists were allowed to ridehas a power of 74 hp and accelerates to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds - not too fast compared to sportbikes, but faster than the road bikes that Harley-Davidson specializes in. The weight of LiveWire is 209 kg. The exact capacity of the battery is unknown, the range on one charge is about 100 km. The maximum speed is electronically limited at 153 km \ h. However, all these characteristics may change before the motorcycle is on sale, LiveWire is still only a concept.

    When designing an electric bike, the designers paid attention not only to the appearance, but also to the sound of the motor. For Harleys, the sound in general is of particular importance - in 1994, the company even tried to register the “proprietary” sound of its bikes as a trademark. In principle, a motorcycle with an electric drive can be made almost silent, but it is the quiet buzzing of an electric drive that instead of the usual sound of a gasoline engine often repels a potential buyer - the motorcycle sounds like a plastic toy. The creators of LiveWire made it quite noisy, and the tone of his work resembles the sound of a jet engine. With a similar sound, a Batman motorcycle rode in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan.

    The LiveWire will be presented to the general public during a tour of the famous Route 66 this year, and the next time they will be taken to Canada and Europe.

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