Military Big Dog Upgrade

    Boston Dynamics, which showed in 2008 the so far the most advanced four-legged robot Big Dog , received an order from the American defense industry. DARPA is ready to spend $ 32 million to increase the carrying capacity, speed and maneuverability of the robot, as well as to change its name to the Legged Squad Support System (LS3).

    Of the tasks set for Boston Dynamics, only fairly prosaic ones are advertised. DARPA wants to increase the weight carried by the robot from the current 132 kg to 180 kg, and the range from 20 km to 32 km. Also, Big Dog will learn to jump over obstacles, equipped with cameras and a GPS module. This is done so that the robot can follow the soldiers in automatic mode, without the need for control by the operator.

    Big Dog Video:

    via gizmodo

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