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    Hello everyone, today I would like to talk about html5 players, as you probably already know modern browsers have already introduced html5 support, which allows us to embed video in a document without using browser plug-ins.

    In the near future, of course, you don’t have to think about the complete replacement of flash-players with on-ones, but it’s worthwhile to do it as an additional option (as well-known video hosting services have already arrived).

    At the moment, I have come across only the only boxed version of the html5 player, its name is “Sublime Video”.

    As a result, I would like to increase the selection of html5 players, as I already managed together with the readers of my blog, and, of course, with very savvy habravchane, so I look forward to hearing from you links and suggestions.

    And so, we begin the review of the above named player.

    It looks like “Sublime Video” like this:


    It is supported, as the developers assure, by a very small number of browsers.
    • Safari (v4.0.4 +)
    • Google Chrome (v4.0 +)
    • Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame :)
    But it has an excellent interface and no less excellent full-screen mode.

    The player is still under development and in the near future (I hope) the developers plan to add the following functions:
    • Firefox Support
    • Volume change
    • And most importantly - IE support in the form of replacing the html5 player with flash
    The player will be distributed free of charge for non-commercial use, which is good news.

    It's a shame that the player at the time of development cannot be downloaded and touched more tightly, but you can see an excellent demo.

    On this, in fact, that’s all - I expect comments from you with analogues ;-).

    View demo “Sublime Video”

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