Should you switch to Mac?

    The question "Switch to Mac or not?" like Shakespeare's "To be or not to be?" In fact, the transition to another platform is a very serious matter. There are many articles that describe the benefits of Apple Macintosh computers over conventional PCs. There are few articles that convince you to stay on your PC. Here is one of them.

    Attention! If you are an ardent opponent of the Macs, go here and continue reading other materials on the site.

    PC and Mac
    So, should you upgrade to an Apple Macintosh?

    Not worth it if
    1. You are an avid gamer. Gamers are unlikely to abandon the PC, because it is in the field of computer games that the PC is unsurpassed
    2. “All PCs,” and you want to be “like everyone else.”
    3. You just love to mess with the computer.
    4. You are cherished by the idea that at any time you can download the most different options of preference to your PC.
    5. You like the slight thrill of waiting for the release of a new Trojan virus.
    6. You strongly believe in the strength of antivirus programs.
    7. Any other reasons? Add them to the comments .

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