Skypecast: the first pancake is in the "basket"

    Actually, the Skypecast conceived yesterday caused quite a stir for me. I settled in a cafe with fast wi-fi, a noobuk and my main (part-time camping) studio. I set everything up, set it up and checked. I was worried almost like before the first broadcast on the radio. 60 seconds before the start, the Internet disappeared in the cafe. I got a call from a demon-savior (a demon in the sense of deamon - he was apparently resident nearby), we tried to solve the problem, but nothing came of it. It was at this time that the moment was missed, but more on that later in the conclusions.

    After 40 minutes I was in soap, foam and thick red with shame, landed in another cafe, with a more or less stable Internet. By this time, there were more than 40 people on the air, among whom were frank brawlers and hooligans. But more on that later, in the conclusions.

    The next stage of this theater of the absurd was the permanent overlays with Skype. As soon as I took power into my own hands and tried to implement what I had planned, I was immediately taken out of the conference. With this one on one, I could communicate without problems. That is, it brought me out of the conference. But more on that later in the conclusions.

    Closer to the logical conclusion of this disgrace, in a private correspondence, several people urgently asked me to cover up this horror, because it turned into some skirmishes, cursing and noise. I turned off everyone’s right to speak, closed the laptop, removed the microphone, drank coffee and trudged to work, realizing that he had never suffered such a fiasco ...

    And now - the conclusions.

    1) Any Skypecast must be managed by the organizer. If someone is hard of hearing, someone stands by the topic, something goes wrong - immediately turn off the microphone. Just like on the air. If the listener goes in the wrong direction and cannot be redirected to the right direction, the listener disconnects from the air. In order to fulfill this point, it is necessary FROM FIRST MINUTES to control the situation on the air.

    2) Themed Skypecasts must be held privately. Everyone who wants to receive an invitation link expresses a desire, briefly describe their position, the desire to speak or just listen. The host (organizer) carefully prepares by writing down nicknames (so as not to spend a minute on searching for the right participant in the list), and builds a topic based on the applications for participation. As in a regular talk show on the radio with invited guests.

    3) Skypecasts has beta status. Skype for Mac on a half-version is older than Skype for Windows. Difficulties on my side with participation in the conference may be connected with this. They can also be associated with a public access point. That is, the technical preparation for broadcasting is of paramount importance. As in any radio studio: no equipment - no broadcast.

    Actually, the main conclusion - the theme and idea were chosen correctly. The vehicle for delivering these ideas was also chosen correctly. But the human factor mixed all the cards, after which the cards were re-mixed with technical overlays on the organizer's side.

    Many thanks to everyone who showed interest in Skypecast. I will invariably make it exactly as I intended. It will be interesting, cheerful, relevant and topical. Most likely - on the night of Friday to Saturday.

    And again, I'm sorry that it happened.

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