Why computer fans are the best lovers

    Wired magazine published a study proving conclusively that geeks (crazy computer fanatics) are the best lovers.

    1. Geek knows how to bring a woman to orgasm. In this he is helped by a variety of technological achievements - for example, teledildonics .
    2. All geek sex toys are configured "for themselves."
    3. Geek likes role-playing games.
    4. Geek loves and knows how to interact.
    5. Geek knows everything, so he has more time for sex.
    6. The geek has stylish and sexy glasses.
    7. Geek is hard to shock with something unusual for him.
    8. Geek is distinguished by sexual emancipation and a variety of tastes.
    9. Geek is easy to switch from one task to another, communicating simultaneously with completely different virtual sex partners.
    10. Geek is not afraid of the new in sex, because he has read about “sex of the future” everything that is possible.

    via Wired

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