Why I can not stand tabs and use IE 6.0

    In the wake of the dispute with NaFigator , I decided to briefly express my ideas about the tabs. I warn you right away, the topic clearly begs for holywar, although not quite familiar to most visitors to Habr.

    So, why in the era of growing popularity of Firefox and the renewed interest in Opera, I, a typical representative of the cohort of "advanced users", use Internet Explorer 6.0? Everything is very simple. Tabs infuriate me. I absolutely do not understand why they are needed. I do not accept them. My body does not digest them.

    Firstly, we immediately reject the statements from the series “IE slows down”. On my old computer (cel 2.0 / 1gb) nothing ever slowed down (in my daily life there are up to 12-15 of the ones I need at a given timewindows. Now my computer is much more powerful, so I have no problems at all.

    Secondly, we immediately reject statements from the IE Falling series. I'm not falling. No need to send me to specially collected pages showing how “suddenly” memory begins to leak or something else. In real life, fortunately, such pages are almost never found.

    Thirdly, we immediately reject the statement “yes you are a retrograde”. Not at all. I use Firefox when I am engaged in web development and immensely respect this browser as an excellent working tool (sharpened by a dozen plugins, of course). I have Portable Firefox on my flash drive. But in everyday life I continue to use IE Six and I’m in no hurry.

    When I develop something, I try to complygreat rules of the right developer: KISS and DRY . From my point of view, the concept of tabs contradicts them. I’ll try to explain why.

    Because the standard graphical interface of most operating systems already provides a way to switch between active windows. This is the so-called "Taskbar" or "taskbar". And tabs - just duplicate this functionality. And do not explain that "inside the application - tabs are the only way to switch to another window." A person (yes, you) does not work with a specific application. It works with the system interface as a whole .

    Tabs turn out to be a completely redundant element, adding an additional level of complexity to the system interface. To the stove!

    By the way, in Microsoft Office (2007 I did not see) or, for example, in Adobe Acrobat Reader, the ability to switch between active documents within the same application is implemented without tabs - the button on the document simply appears on the taskbar.

    So why should I, having a simple, convenient, fast-running, stable means of displaying web pages embedded in my system, install some third-party application?

    Well, let's holivarit? A?

    PS. I will not consider degenerate cases of interfaces without taskbars.

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