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    In this article, we would like to dwell on, perhaps, the main function of the Voice SMS system - the possibility of anonymous message reception.

    Voice SMS allow you to replace typing with dictation of the message. You simply indicate the 10-digit number (3 digits of the code + 7 digits of the number) of the recipient and dictate the message. The recipient of the message will receive an SMS, which will allow him to listen to the message. You can send a message this way to any mobile subscriber.

    An important feature of the system is that when sending a message, instead of the subscriber’s number, you can specify the code corresponding to his number. Naturally, you can also send a message indicating the code corresponding to your phone number. And if so, then you can freely publish this code as a means of operational communication with you. The sender of the message will not know your real number. Your number will not be visible when replying to received messages.

    Where does this code come from? There are at least two ways:

    1. Call the service number 0942 * from your phone and enter the service code 8883. That is, in response to the IVR request for the service code, you must enter 8883 #.

    IVR will inform you of the code corresponding to your telephone number. If you forget the code, you can always call back again and listen to it again.

    2. When you register on our service sites (for example, Mobile notifications ), you can see the code for your number after authorization.

    The description of the voice SMS service provides a possible option for publishing a link for communication (see. Usage examples ). This link is just an instruction on how to send Voice SMS using a specific code.

    For example, the phone code of the developers of this service is 24. That is, you can send a message directly to the author of this article, following the instructions on this link:

    Send messageSend a message
    • 1. Call 0942
    • 2. Enter the service code 8882
    • 3. Enter the subscriber code 24
    • 4. Dictate the message

    A similar option opens the possibility to add a voice communication channel to an arbitrary web resource. You can publish the code for communication on your blog, in the social network profile, on the forum, in sales announcements, on a dating site, etc.

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