Making books is fun! (to watch)

    Cinema of the forty-seventh year about how the book is created. From the manuscript to the candidate for your shelf. Cinema in English - but it’s not difficult, and not necessarily.

    It is especially interesting to look at that part of the process that (formally) can now be performed by each of you. I'm talking about typing on the linotype and page assembly. Yes, yes - you can type the text in Word and change the font style and its size so that it "fits into forty pages," you yourself can now. And then the process has not changed - give it to the printing house (you do not need ten copies, but a three-thousand circulation in a hard cover), the resulting pages are printed on metal and ... Less people are now used, but the operations are the same.


    PS: It turned out, as it were, the continuation of the previous post about Guttenberg .

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