Osmo: children's project for iPad with Leap Motion analogue

    On Habré news and articles about projects related to children are not so often published. In general, it is fair, because Habr is clearly not a portal for parents :) Nevertheless, sometimes there are developments from the children's sphere, which are worth writing about here.

    We are talking about the Osmo project, developed by the startup Tangible Play, and which is a gaming platform that combines virtual reality and ordinary reality. The project uses the idea of Leap Motion , as a result of which its capabilities are very wide.

    Osmo comes with a small mirror that attaches to the tablet and three toys: Tangram, Words, and Newton. The mirror is mounted on the tablet’s camera, as a result of which the tablet’s software is able to “see” everything that happens on the table in front of the camera.

    As for games, the first of them, Tangram, is a version of the corresponding ancient Chinese game. The tablet shows a picture - for example, a cat figure made up of individual elements. The child has all these elements on the table, and he needs to lay them out in such a way as to make the mentioned figure. The tablet software monitors the process, and if the figure is assembled correctly, you can go to the next level. Very interesting, agree (for the child, of course).


    The second game, “Words”, is for children who already know how to read and write. Players are shown different things, fruits, vegetables, household items and more, and children must put a word representing an object from cards with letters. Here you can already play for adults who learn a foreign language :)

    Newton is the third game, which is something like “Cut the Rope”, where the virtual and real worlds are mixed. You need to throw the ball right at the target, which is displayed on the tablet display.

    The developers say that the games are intended for the age group of 6-12 years, but I think younger children will be very happy to play Osmo.

    Over time, developers will add new games to Osmo, in addition, it is planned to attract third-party developers to expand the capabilities of the project.

    Now (until June 22), you can pre-order for Osmo, for $ 49 from the manufacturer or from Medgadgets for 3990 rubles. After June 22, the price will increase to $ 100 (in rubles the price remains the same), but other games and applications will be added to the base set of three games. The kit will be available this fall.

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