The first drone to disperse rallies

    In the 60-70s, people were optimistic about the future: they launched a satellite, landed on the moon, tamed atomic energy. It seemed that we were about to launch tokamaks, master the orbit and populate neighboring planets. And only journalist George Orwell (though he died in 1950) did not share universal glee. However, his strange book "1984" did not interest contemporaries.

    Today we see that described in the works of Philip Dick and other authors of cyberpunk, as well as that of George Orwell, is embodied in reality with frightening accuracy. Meet Skunk , the world's first drone designed to disperse street demonstrations. Big brother loves you,% username%!

    Desert Wolf's UAVs are equipped with four cannons with paint, which are supposed to mark the rally participants for subsequent detention. A spotlight and loudspeaker are installed on it, through which law enforcement agencies can contact the demonstrators, urging them to disperse.

    Instead of paintball guns, other equipment, such as pepper sprayers, are also placed on the drone. In the same guns, more traumatic plastic balls are charged. Rate of Fire: 20 rounds per second. The developers are sure that 80 bullets per second with pepper spray will stop any crowd.

    The capacity of the eight-engine unit is 45 kg, and the barrels with ammunition of 4,000 bullets weigh 15 kg, so there is a good supply.

    The drone is equipped with two high-resolution cameras for shooting the crowd, as well as an infrared camera for working in the dark.

    Desert Wolf has already begun production of drones, there are also first customers (in the mining industry). The company also offers other UAV models, including the Wasp helicopter for tracking targets in the daytime and at night.

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