Pay in one click - good or evil?

    Good day to all.

    The other day, one quite interesting story happened to me, which I would like to share, and at the same time to hear the opinion here of those present on this issue. I am a long-time user of one e-mailing service (hereinafter, I will not mention his name in order not to make explicit anti-advertising, although knowledgeable people will understand what project they are talking about).

    Initially, as a user, everything was completely fine. I signed up for the project in September 2012. He paid for the services not so often, but sometimes, it seems, he still paid for something.

    Around the end of 2014 - the beginning of 2015, the site changed its design, and together with the design a logo, and it seems, the general ideology of the work.

    It all started with the forced connection of the auto-renewal service every month, about which users were not informed about anything until they were debited from the card. Now this is no longer on the site, so I will not be able to provide proofs. Let me just say that at that time a significant number of sites, including in runet, were “aching” with this ailment. One way or another, apparently, a stream of negative feedback from customers began, and this practice was curtailed. But the story is not over.

    Somewhere in the summer of 2016, I wanted to buy a premium mode on this portal, for which I clicked on the appropriate button. Further the horizontal ruler was opened, where the middle option was chosen by default. Immediately make a reservation, I do not consider this choice to be something bad, but the ruler was made in such a color scheme that it was not very clear which of the options is active (it was orange, and the active version was pale gold). As a result, I did not pay enough attention to it, automatically pressed the payment button, waiting for the transition to the payment page, and ... I was immediately charged for a month with a premium access in the amount of 1,149 rubles (although I wanted to take only a week for 549). It would seem that my fault - but the cancellation without entering the CVV code, without 3DS confirmation by SMS (although my card supported it, and it was required on all the sites without exception)?

    On the same day, I called technical support with a request to cancel the service and return the money, to which I was told that no refund is made to customers, and only I am to blame for this situation. I did not stop, began to read the forums and various sites. I got the impression that in the absence of 3DS support from the seller of the service, I have the right to challenge the transaction and return the funds. I went to the bank, wrote a statement, and after 3 weeks the money was returned in full! Service status did not check. I expected that after this, my account on the site would be completely blocked, but this, to my surprise, did not happen.

    And a couple of days ago I returned to this site again. Premium was not going to buy, and in general was not going to buy anything there. And in the end I managed to buy, spending 600 rubles. How it happened - about it below :)

    So, let's start with the fact that the credit balance is not displayed in the interface of this site. Right here at all. Then, however, it turns out that it is still displayed - but only for those who have more than zero credits on their balance sheets. The rest of this place displays the button “Get credits”.


    Thus, I did not know if I had anything on the balance sheet. Next, I clicked on the “Become more popular” button, and hit the following page:


    At the bottom, the following text appears in gray on this page:


    Wonderful. By the way, at this moment somewhere on the same page, but significantly below the button, there was a paragraph in black font, which said that I could buy as many as 5,500 credits for 600 rubles, and this is very profitable. On the other volumes of replenishment was not reported.

    And then I click on this page on one of the buttons, and at the same time ... a silent write-off of 600 rubles from the card without any codes and 3DS takes place, about which I immediately receive SMS-ku.

    No, everything seems logical - the site’s balance was zero, the service cost 100 credits, the system knew that I had a map attached to the settings (I don’t know if it was possible not to tie, and I warned me that it wouldn’t be required CVV - Yandex.Money, for example, CVV is always required even for linked cards), and decided to replenish the balance ... with 5,500 credits. Although it required only 100. Perhaps this is the only allowable amount to make, and fewer loans simply can not be bought? Let's figure it out.

    I decided to dig deeper, and see how the rest of the site works. So, for example, looks like a page with information about credits available on the account:


    What do you think will happen if you click on the button on the top? This page opens:


    There are a lot of questions: the default option is the most expensive option, a gray tick on “autocompletion of balance”, nestling at the very bottom, which many will surely miss ... But pay attention - there are several options available to replenish the account. The minimum is only 40 (or 48 without a share) rubles.

    The question is, why the system automatically credited 5,500 credits (twice as much as the maximum offer here, while the truth is with a discount of as much as 50 percent)? After all, I absolutely did not ask me to credit credits in general , in any quantity. Yes, below was the text that I canget loans on favorable terms. But this text didn’t refer to the service purchase button I’ve clicked on (the button read something like “raise a profile” or “become more popular” and was one of several buttons on the page). And of course, when you click on the button, no modal window appears, like “Are you sure you want to make a purchase?”. And of course, under the button there was no text “Attention! You have one-click payment activated in your settings, so when you click it, the money will be charged immediately. ” Even a pale gray color and small print. So it goes.

    But maybe not so bad, and I can spend these loans to buy premium access? After all, 5500 credits are a very large amount by the standards of the site. Well, click "Activate Premium" ...


    What do we see? Premium is paid only for rubles, and requires a separate payment! And where should I put 5400 unnecessary loans now?

    It's all as usual. The default option is again the most expensive of the line. It's funny that in the fall of 2016, the middle one out of five was chosen by default, not the rightmost one. Apparently, the crisis is having an effect :)

    Finally, if you click on “conditions” (a spoiler that works in some strange way, in the sense that it is displayed as expanded, when it is actually collapsed), then we will see this:


    Here I personally have complaints no no. Hiding important conditions under the spoiler, and even buggy - is not very good. But to do so - perhaps it certainly does not break anything.

    There remains only one question - how do users of this service (I think, not only me) get real money debited from the card after clicking on the “Raise Popularity” button or any similar one? The map is tied, there is no 3DS on the site, good. But should some minimal logic be present? Clicking on the button “Tune my car” on the service station website (even if I am registered there and previously attached a bank card there for some reason), I should not expect that 20 thousand rubles will be written off the card (example is exaggerated), because “We have such an action - we give you loans for future tuning and service, and at the same time, they gave you twice the maximum amount at the maximum price; and that you will never order anything from us anymore, and you don’t need loans - well, what about us? ” Moreover,

    Virtual goods, say? I have not seen this in stores like Steam, and even on online casino sites. There, the goods are also virtual, but the owners of the service do not allow themselves this in relation to their customers. Maybe because they value them and their reputation?

    What do you think?

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