The most anticipated fitness trackers. 5 new market players

    Fitness trackers or physical activity trackers over the past couple of years have become much smarter, more accurate, and today they measure much more parameters than their predecessors. These devices allow you to take a fresh look at the habits that form the basis of our lifestyle. Most modern physical activity trackers calculate how much you went or drove, what load you had on each day, how many calories you burned and how well you slept. The most advanced trackers can sync with heart rate monitors, smart scales and other devices to more accurately determine your physical condition.

    Physical activity trackers are for everyone. You don’t have to be a professional runner or an all-rounder to benefit from these devices. But you need to choose a tracker for yourself so that it suits your personal goals of physical development as much as possible. Do not strive to buy trackers whose functionality exceeds your needs. Too much information over time will start to annoy you and your tracker bracelet will most likely be thrown into a distant box. At the same time, a small amount of information will not be able to provide you with data on what needs to be done to correct your usual actions.

    In the review, we will consider some of the most anticipated new products that may appear on the market before the end of this year, with an emphasis on their functionality.


    The fitness tracker LIT, like its counterparts, allows you to track normal physical activities, such as walking, running, swimming and the like. But its main difference from other similar devices is that it can also record movements unique to active and extreme sports such as surfing, skating, snowboarding, riding a motorcycle, as well as a mountain or cross bike. At the same time, the device allows you to transfer photos, statistics and other information using social media.

    LIT connects to a smartphone based on an Android or iOS user via Bluetooth 4.0. The battery lasts for 4 days. Given the purpose of the device for extreme sports, the fitness tracker has protection against water and shock.

    The modular shape of the tracker allows you to use it not only with a bracelet, but also attach it to a belt, belt or just put it in your pocket.

    The estimated date of the start of sales is still unknown, you can subscribe to updates on the official website of the company.


    Atlas is the first fitness tracker in the world that, according to the developers, automatically tracks everything. This is a device that controls and identifies a person’s physical activity, evaluating its appearance and intensity, while counting repetitions and sets of exercises, calculating the number of calories burned. The tracker has a built-in accelerometer and can track the user's movements in three planes and is so accurate that it determines, for example, the difference between ordinary push-ups and push-ups with narrow arms. For these purposes, the Atlas is equipped with a set of inertial sensors, similar to those used in smartphones. These sensors track user actions and identify individual movements for each exercise using a set of recorded patterns.

    The device automatically records all exercise data by attaching a heart rate to them so that the user can evaluate how each exercise affects his body. The device has pre-recorded data for various exercises, allowing the user to compare their indicators with them and analyze them.

    During classes, you can not even take a smartphone with you, because the small screen on the bracelet reports everything about the type, speed, and quality of the exercise. The Atlas analytic engine examines all user movements, regardless of how many of them are used during the lesson, eventually giving out information that allows you to achieve your goals. Moreover, the tracker is able to learn new exercises and teach them the user. Atlas is also able to evaluate how any exercise or a break in it affects your condition, how quickly your heart and breathing recover, etc.
    The tracker does not use its own application, but is compatible with several popular fitness programs, such as MapMyFitness or Fitoctracy. The developer promises to increase the list of compatible applications.

    You can order either on the manufacturer’s website for $ 179, or on the Medgadgets company website for 8900 rubles.


    The Gymwatch fitness tracker, developed in Germany, tracks the entire range of movements during exercises, measuring strength and intensity, muscular load, correct body position, number of repetitions and captures incorrectly performed exercises. The device can control any power component, such as, for example, starting force or explosive force, as well as accurately determine the amplitude of movements in each exercise. Therefore, Gymwatch should be of interest to professional athletes who build their muscles and regularly engage in training with a high load.
    An accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer are built into the tracker, which allows you to measure acceleration in different directions, recording all movements.
    The system also provides for the use of two sensors (bracelets) together, which allows you to simultaneously control movements, for example, of the left and right arms or legs, if you want to determine the muscular imbalance in the development of your body.

    All data can be transferred to a native application running on Android or iOS, which analyzes them and provides recommendations for changing the type or intensity of exercises. Information analysis is carried out using scientific sports models, which allows you to predict the effect of training and automatically control the load (create a training plan). Moreover, the system can track readings in real time, giving you voice recommendations, like a real trainer. In addition, data can be synchronized with the Gymwatch portal for more convenient management of exercises and their analysis. A powerful battery allows the device to work 10 to 30 days, depending on the intensity of use.

    You can pre-order the tracker on the manufacturer’s website for 129 euros (249 euros per pair).


    FlyFit is a fitness tracker designed to be worn not on the wrist, but on the ankle. The developers explain this by the possibility of more accurate measurements of indicators of physical activity and its purpose for exercises, where the legs mainly work. And indeed, it is strange that in order to understand how cycling or running on our physical form is reflected, we need to wear the device on our hands, not our legs. Well, however, this is a matter of convenience and style rather than measurement accuracy.

    In appearance, FlyFit resembles a similar Sony device - it is also a small device that can be inserted into a bright soft and light bracelet. The type of physical activity is displayed on the LED panel in the form of 4 characters corresponding to riding a bicycle, running, walking or climbing stairs. The tracker can also monitor sleep and swimming parameters (waterproof device). Moreover, precisely due to the location on the leg, the type of activity is automatically determined.

    On FlyFit itself, nothing is displayed anymore, and all the data can be seen in the corresponding application on the mobile device. And, importantly, in real time. At the same time, the program also uses the capabilities of the smartphone, using GPS to show your location or measuring the speed of running and cycling. The device works with an application based on iOS or Android, with which the tracker connects using Bluetooth 4.0.

    You can learn more and order the Flyfit tracker on the manufacturer’s website or on the Medgadgets website .

    Healbe gobe

    Healbe GoBe is a Russian development, fitness tracker that differs from its competitors, according to the developers, the most accurate information on human health indicators. The tracker is developed on the basis of the company's own technology - Flow Technology, has a built-in flash drive with a capacity of 2 to 32 GB, a graphical dot display 5 x 15 and runs on a proprietary operating system.

    The device is equipped with three sensors: an accelerometer, sensors of resistance and heart rate, which allows you to control your heart rate, calories burned, blood pressure, sleep quality, weight change and even stress and dehydration. To some extent, the tracker is more like a health monitoring device than a physical exercise control system. For example, to determine calorie intake (and other trackers don’t), GoBe measures the sugar level in the body through the skin by measuring the resistance of a body segment on the hand. With sufficient accuracy, according to the developers (this technology has not yet been confirmed by the scientific community and has not passed testing). However, the main indicators,

    Data in the application, which is available in versions for Android and iOS, is transmitted wirelessly (Bluetooth).

    You can order the Healbe GoBe tracker either on the manufacturer’s website for $ 300 or on the Medgadgets website for 11,490 rubles.

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