LIVE: CI / CD in iOS and Android

    Hello! My name is Dima Voronin, I am the architect of mobile applications in Avito, I am engaged in testing infrastructure, CI. On September 27, we will conduct a live broadcast on our YouTube channel and discuss continuous integration and continuous delivery in iOS and Android. Broadcast straight from our office. Let's talk about the basics: why we need CI / CD and how to configure them, let's touch on UI testing and feature toggling, and then - deeper and more interesting. We do not know where the conversation will lead. Experts from Yandex, Alfa-Bank and Avito will take part in the discussion.

    Under the cut are sample questions that we plan to discuss (and suggest you add to this list), as well as passwords and turnout for those who want to join the broadcast. Add a post to your bookmarks: after the meeting we will update it and post the video.


    Konstantin Zaikin (Yandex)

    imageHead of the Yandex. Browser development team. He wrote programs for Windows CE in Eastern Siberia, developed a mobile audio codec in C #, participated in the development of the L'Oreal training system and the exchange for American truckers on ASP.NET. In Yandex, he participated in the creation of Maps for Windows, Metrics for .NET applications, was in the Yandex.Taxi team.

    Alexey Shpirko (Avito)

    imageiOS developer since 2011. Techlide is a cross-functional team engaged in accelerating the release of mobile applications in Avito, building CI / CD in mobile applications, developing tools for UI tests. Previously, three years was the team leader iOS-developers.

    Dmitry Voronin (Avito) is me

    imageMobile application architect. In Avito since 2014, I am engaged in testing infrastructure, CI.

    Dmitry Steshin (Alfa-Bank)

    imageiOS developer, including CI / CD and application releases.

    Moderator and moderator of the discussion

    Ilya Tsarev (Alfa-Bank)

    Head of iOS development at Alfa-Bank. He has been developing iOS applications for more than five years, developing a general banking design system (library for mobile applications) and his own architectural approach.

    Sample discussion questions

    CI for each platform

    Why do I need to customize CI
    What solutions do you use for CI
    What checks are used: rules, pr, linters, code coverage and so on
    UI testing
    Why do I need UI testing. How to reduce the time of regression from infinity to one day. Infrastructure for UI tests. How to involve people in writing tests, both programmers and non-programmers. How much it costs: maintain the code, iron, whether it saves time.
    What iron is needed for all this
    Whether the farm is required from a Mac Mini or Mac Pro. Does CI take a lot of time, what parameters are needed, how much does it cost, are there alternatives? And what if there is no money?
    How is rolling out to the app stores?


    What is the difference from CI
    Feature Toggling
    How do processes work before release? How to check that you did not forget to add a flag to the feature. What to do if there are more than three hundred flags. How the system works after the release. How is the haulage.
    Monitoring applications after the release - how it
    works crash and what to do with them. What product and technical metrics should be considered.
    Types of assemblies for internal testing
    Beta versions of the application, early releases, phased rollouts, working with beta versions of the application in stores, working with early access.

    Open source

    Do you need open-source projects for companies and why?

    Where and when to watch

    The discussion will take place on September 27 and will begin at 17:00 Moscow time. You can watch it on the AvitoTech YouTube channel . If you have questions about CI / CD in mobile platforms - ask in the comments. We will try to answer them during the discussion.

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